holy hell

Wow dude, Livejournal. I'm so fucking bored I'm posting to Livejournal. This is just sad. I need a life!



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eat shit


Reading my old posts makes me sad. I was a fucking tool


Oh hai.

Thinking about using this shiat again. Maybe. My last entry was in 2007 lawl!


Buttsex is a fun word to say.

So Saturday was Stu's birthday. I came home from work, packed some shit, then drove down to South Jersey to pick up Cassie, and then we drove through Philly up the NE extension to our house (which, by the way, is only about an hour and a half from Philly). The extra detour to South Jersey was definitely worth it. I missed my Cassie :) We used to have tons of fun together. I grew up next door to this girl...I taught her how to read before she even went to kindergarten, and in turn she taught me how to smoke cigarettes (thanks for that Cass, haha). My aunt always yelled at me for hanging out with her because she was so much younger than me but she was probably more mature than any of the friends I had that were my age. And now she's a beautiful, talented, smart, awesome woman and I don't regret being 14 and hanging out with a 10 year old in the least. Besides, what else would I have done in East Bumblefuck anyway?

Anyway, we got all kinds of drunk, played video games, watched retarded videos on the internet, and I smoked Marlboro Reds for the first time in god only knows how many years. Those things are like, instant death. When I smoked, I smoked menthol or Marlboro Milds, and sometimes lights. Unless we were stealing cigarettes from Cassie's dad, then it was some kind of awful knockoff brand equal to Marlboro Reds. Seriously, I felt like I was developing lung cancer within the first drag. I couldn't imagine smoking those every day. I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, but I still smoke socially when I drink, which is the only time my husband will let me! Being an ex smoker I was always told "One drag will bring you back," etc. but I'm doing fine. Yes, I would like to start smoking again, but I won't. I'll always have that want in the back of my mind but I don't need it. I also have the thought that my husband will kick my ass to keep me going.

So I was supposed to start a new job up in PA, but for some dumb reason or another, it's being delayed. It's really irritating the fuck out of me, too. I can't stand to be away from Stu anymore, or to be here in this state and in this house. The girl from the temp agency called me this morning to try to get me into a different job, but I was sleeping. By the time I called her back, she had already filled the position. I guess I'd rather wait for the position I'm already waiting for since I know there's no phones involved and the hours are similar to Stu's hours. I just wish I could start already and get away from Showcase!  I'm so burnt out on that job. The sad thing is I had Stu trying to get me into that job for a long time. I did like it at the beginning...and I'm glad that I learned a lot about Quark and Photoshop but I can't stand the shit they expect us to put up with for the amount of money we're making. And don't even get me started about certain part time people *cough*Drew*cough* who they pay to do practically NOTHING while I couldn't get a single raise in the 2 years that I've been there. Fuck that place...fuck it right in the ass. I hope to god this is my last week. I'm done with New Jersey, I'm done with Showcase, and I'm done with this house!



Testing the Windows Live Writer beta thingie. So far it is fun. Ok time to go back to ignoring eljay. kthxbai


tis the five


1. What year were you born? all the cool people

2. Who do you like to hug? My Stu baby, duh. Also my ferrets. I'd hug my cat but he's mean to me and bites me and stuff.

3. Do you runaway or face your problems? I run away first but I'm always back to face them or I'll never get anywhere!

4. How much cash do you have on you? Nada. Same goes for my bank account, practically.

5. Friday fill-in:
I know exactly how to ____. 
Put a penis in my mouth... ?


Best FridayFive ever!


1. What's your favorite game show to watch? WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE!

2. What game show would you like to be on? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Duh.

3. Do you know anyone who has been on a game show? Anthony! Woop Woop!

4. What do you think the worst game show is? Jeopardy cause I'm not smart enough haha

5. Bob Barker, Howie Mandel or Alex Trebek? WINK MARTINDALE!



It's our 3 year anniversary :)



Oh yeah...LiveJournal. lol.


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