eat shit


I almost got my wish. Yes kiddies. That's the kid who smashed my windows, according to the girl who talked to the cops for us. I was a bit skeptical about her story but after this I have no doubt in my mind. You deserved it, scumbag.

Talk about a karma bomb.


Fuck you, fuck you very much.

Whoever you are I hope you fucking die. While eating glass. Fuck you.



My ferret kids > your human kids

my newest girl

fuzzy pile!

I suppose I will attempt to make an actual post sometime soon. I'm teh lazy...



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I miss somebody right now.  (My parents mostly) I don't watch much TV these days.  (MY CABLE DOESN'T WORK) × I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses.  (only for driving) I love to play video games.  (FFXI & Guitar Hero) I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.  (usually)
I curse sometimes.  (I curse ALL the time) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.  (being on perma-PMS will do that to you) × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
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yay, maddox!

I took off work today so I could drive an hour and a half in the pouring rain to stand in line to see Maddox and get my book signed. It was kinda funny, 'cause everyone was standing around listening to him blabber on in some Q&A bullshit. Not me, I was standing in line. And once he was done talking, the line was wrapped around the building, and I was near the front. You lose, suckers. I am so much cooler than you for having his autograph. And even if you do have his autograph, I'm still cooler than you. Most of the kids there were total nerds, except me. There was this one old guy, I think he might have worked there, but he was on his cell phone and he was saying "There's a guy here from some website signing autographs and there's a bunch of weird looking people." I lol'd. Here's my honey and Maddox. They're both hawt.

I saw many horrible things on the roads to Maddox. There was a pretty bad accident on the parkway, one car was completely turned over and the other was in the trees. Then on 287 there was another car in the trees, like off the ground, in the trees. How do you manage that? Then on the way home, this Benny piece of shit got in front of us. I found his license plate to be really humorous--and then I remembered he is only one of thousands of these gas guzzling assholes. And he doesn't even care. He thinks its funny that he's pissing away non-renewable resources. Well fuck him, right in the ass.


I am so awesome for catching this

Why yes, yes I am!

I'm making $300 so far on eBay. You have about 2 hours to bid on my crap



Best fridayfiver ever:

Favorite phrase when you have:

1. Ate food that tastes bad
Blehhhh takes like shit!

2. Stubbed your toe
Ow, motherfucker!

3. Become frustrated
God fucking damnit!

4. Broken something
Oh shit...

5. Been cut off by another driver
Fuck you, asshole! followed by the middle finger

Speaking of cursing and being an asshole.. you should definitely read Stu's LJ post about the assholes from Berkeley Little League. Yeah, we bitched about them last year, and the year before. Nothing has changed. In fact, it's worse this year. Anyway, read that shit, I'm too lazy to write my own damn essay about it.



I have deleted myself from every LJ community I was in, except for fridayfiver. I don't know about you, but I hate pretentious assholes. And it seems any community I join is full of them. I'm pretty sick of Livejournal itself anymore, but I've had this journal for 6 years now and I really don't wanna drop it. I'm sure there's the same assholes at any journal sites, so going elsewhere wouldn't make much difference. I guess I'll just have to keep to myself since I'm good at it.

meh. i'm in a weird mood today



I really don't feel like posting now but I've got a bit of alcohol in me so what the hell, lol.

We went camping this weekend and it was sooo cool. Well at first I was really pissy cause we got up to Stokes and as soon as we pulled up the dude put an "All Campsites Full" sign out..fuckass. So we did Stokes and then headed over to PA and camped at Dingmans which was damn cool. Then we humped in the tent. With the door open. With people one campsite Then we to Bushkill which was cool, but the Flume in NH is wayyy better. Then we went to check out some of the towns I want to move to and I still do! East Stroudsburg is a craphole but Scotrun and Tobyhanna were pretty. Doesn't look like much out there in the way of jobs but I don't care...I'll work a shitty dead end job if I have to..Oh wait, I already do, haha.

I'm so sick of all the elitist fucks on Livejournal anymore. Every community I join is full of people who think their shit don't stink. Urban Explorers..ya'll can go fuck yourselves. I don't give a shit that you take artsy fartsy pictures of abandoned're still pussy emo/goth/indie fucking losers who need to learn how to think and dress for yourselves. And what's with the Betty Paige wannabe bitches all over the place? God I hate you And don't get me started on the Angelina Jolie elitists. "Zomg I've been a fan since like 1992 I'm soo much awesomer than you and I know way more about her than you ever will" Fuck you asshole...she's a fuckin actress that wouldn't look twice at you anyway. I fuckin' love her and I'd totally bang her but I know I'll probably never meet her and if I did I'm just another one of her fans. Just cause you post about how much you love her on your pathetic little Livejournal doesn't make you better than her other fans. Go choke on a dick you fuckers. So much for talking about something you like without getting your ass reamed cause thought her birthday was the 5th and it's the 4th or something. Get over yourselves! Fucking twats. lol.

asd fiyw0ba98xreytaoisudhf



I actually socialized yesterday. We went down my way and hung out with Cassie for a while and showed my aunt my new car of doom. Then I went to hang out with Debbb <3 <3 <3 and listen to her yell at her kids, which never gets old, haha.

We discovered a PAINT CHIP on my new fucking car. We had to stop at the dealer to pick up our plates so we showed our saleslady that and the other scratch that was there when we got it, and she's gonna get 'em fixed for us for free. Damn right. The service guy said it wasn't peeling though, it looked like a stone chip or somethin. I don't care, just fix my shit, hah.

I have nothing else to write about because my life is sooo boring, so here's some pictures of my babies to entertain you.

I have no idea how they can find that position comfortable..

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